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Rest Assured, CSS Is Awesome!

Things that highly amuse me include: making the (famous?) CSS Is Awesome mug design in actual CSS:

css is awesome

I Made A Meat Boy Thing

Super Meat Boy is a game that appealed to me on a pretty fundamental level. It's a platformer focused on speed and crazy, well-timed jumps and has relatively little penalty for mistakes (you restart what is generally a pretty short level). It's basically the platform game I've always wanted. I was almost compelled to play it, even though at times it evoked high levels of frustration. The main thing about that, however, was even though I would mash my fleshy body into a saw blade (the same saw blade) dozens upon dozens of times I always knew why I had screwed up and I never blamed the game for being unfair. Not even once.

So with the release of the level editor I decided to see what I could come up with and I put together a five-level chapter called "Brownie Goes To Hell" which I'm fairly pleased with. It's not perfect but if you have the PC version of Super Meat Boy you should load up Super Meat World (which requires twenty bandages to unlock) and search for it in the chapters section, if you're so inclined. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Chrome: Faster Than A Potato

I just kind of enjoy the Chrome ads in general:


Video Games: The Revenge

I have some other stuff half written but not completed which includes my 'best of 2009' list (February isn't too late to put that out, right?) and one or two other random articles. Before I potentially get around to finishing those I would like to note that since my video games update I have actually completed Trine, Machinarium and Hitman: Blood Money from that list. I also played a good deal of Torchlight though I didn't beat it. On top of that I purchased Crysis and Crysis Warhead and beat both of them. So I'm pretty happy about that too! Still a lot of other stuff waiting to be checked out, but I never expected to finish all of that. Oh, all of those games are totally worth checking out, by the way. Blood Money in particular is pretty great. Video games!

Pretty Awesome eXpo

I have a fairly substantial write-up coming where I outline all the totally sweet (and totally lame) games I played or watched someone play at PAX, but it turns out there are an asston of them and it takes a long time to write about an asston of games. Asston, by the way, is a real unit of measurement. I think it's British.

At any rate, I have had some thoughts about PAX kicking around, and after reading both Simon Carless' analysis on why PAX works and Steve Gaynor's blog post about game experience (which isn't related to PAX at all, but I think it applies) I feel I can pretty well put it into words, though perhaps only words that have already been spoken by those two.

Having never attended PAX before, I have to say I really enjoyed it. At the surface PAX is a pretty huge convention (2009's being the biggest yet), which would quickly bring up comparisons to E3 or San Diego Comic-Con (neither of which I have ever attended, though I know a lot about both). If you look at it from afar, and this is probably true for non-gamers, PAX is similar. A huge convention about video games and other geekery. Granted Comic-Con is spread out over a number of other things, but E3 seems like it would share a lot of similarities with PAX. This is not the case however.

I've heard PAX described as 'a large convention with a small convention feel' and that is pretty much the most accurate of a description you will get. Somehow a huge amalgam of gamers, both video and tabletop, have gathered in Seattle for one weekend solely due to promises of sweet games, cool events and of course game-related junk (free or otherwise). It's entirely a consumer show, catering to the people who, at the end of the day, make the video game industry run. Gamers. It's a pretty novel idea.

And PAX seems to be very genuine, which I think is the key to everything. There are areas where you can just go play games (PC, console, tabletop) if you don't want to take in any presentations or wait in any lines. You can preview some anticipated titles, or just goof around with friends. Or if you really want you can sit on a beanbag chair and play DS all day, because there are two or three hallways filled with the things. Can you imagine that happening at E3?

It's really something special to see it, really. Just tons and tons of people who love games and are there to enjoy themselves. It's something special, and I have to say in spite of what I thought, I really enjoyed myself. Pretty awesome.

Adventures in Gumbo

Ever wonder how to make gumbo? I know I have! Actually I'm not sure if I ever cared until recently, but I've always enjoyed a stewed meat and vegetable produce served over rice, so gumbo seems like the dish for me. It's somewhat time consuming but not too difficult to make. I don't usually cook for myself, but my bachelor weekend presented an opportunity for me to try it out. Who was I to pass it up? This will be lengthy and filled with images and probably pretty silly, but you might just learn how to make gumbo. Maybe.

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Holy Crap Stuff

If I may take a moment to stop talking about web browsers and video games (and analytics stats), I just need to go over the insanely hectic schedule that is my life over the next month and change. Realistically I'm not doing this for any other reason than to sort of put my thoughts into some tangible form that doesn't involve me thinking "HOLY FUCK" every 30 seconds. So I don't really need any sympathy (though I will accept it if you have any to give I suppose) and I'm not trying to weirdly impress anyone, though I can't imagine why anyone would think that since the aforementioned schedule involves two very nerdy conventions. Regardless!

So at current moment it is August 4th. The first thing on my list is Quakecon, which I am going to for the second time with the first one being in 2007. I mostly go to hang out with people from Game Fly and drink a lot, and it was pretty enjoyable (if not nerdy) in 2007. Anyway that's August 13 - August 16. The week I come back will likely be a very busy week at work, and the following weekend, August 22 - 23 will be spent packing because I am moving into a new apartment roughly four blocks away. The following weekend, August 29 - 20 is the weekend I am able to move into our new place. For a period of around a week I will have two apartments as the move out date of the current place is September 4 - 6. However this weekend is also the weekend of PAX, which I am attending for the first time ever (and mooching a hotel room, courtesy 2K Games) for some reason. And then when PAX ends I will be flying out to New York for a week to attend Elizabeth's big sister's wedding (which is actually taking place outside of Philly, but that's not entirely relevant).

Anyway now that I've laid all that out it doesn't seem that bad, which is exactly how I wanted to feel about all of this! Anyway that was uninteresting and blog-tastic so I will try and have something more interesting next time.

What The Fuck Did I Just Order?

Sometimes I wish I could moblog (mainly when I am drunk I wish this), so I could post images like this:

I ordered a beer earlier tonight called a 'Kwak' and this is what they gave me. Crazy Dutch beers.

Elephants of White

So every year Shacknews posters do a White Elephant. This year I got some shit from Iceland and the dude I had was from the land down under. Anyway he finally got it and seemed to enjoy. I sent him my old DS and a bunch of games I did not pay for (hooray for being generous, 2k Games) and a weird cactus shot glass I bought for like $1.75. You can see the pictures in his shackpost or view the gallery if you like.

Amber Alert: Items 72 and 63

So after, what, over two hours of sifting through Google, finding old updates and putting them back in manually and then adjusting their date and id number I have pretty much restored my blog. You know, in case you were worried. The only discrepancies are items 72 and 63, which still remain at large and perhaps do not even exist.

The way this blog works is if you delete an update it doesn't reindex anything so the deleted id is essentially lost forever unless you manually assign it yourself. So it's conceivable they were deleted for whatever reason. With #72 this is very likely since updates 71 and 73 were made 24 hours apart. 63 is a little more of a mystery since there is a six day gap between 62 and 64, however update 64 pertains to the death of my grandfather so it's pretty plausible I had something written and posted and then deleted it. Who knows though?

At any rate I'm pretty happy that I managed to recover everything (or as close as possible anyway) and I am now going to get a database dump so I don't have to do this god damned crap ever again (or at least not for nearly 50 updates).

And thusly the saga ends.

Orange You Glad?

Yes, I seriously just made that pun. At any rate, Orange Box came out on the 10th, which includes Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2. They are all awesome in different ways, and I can't believe I only had to spend $45 to get all three. In celebration I've reviewed Episode 2 and taken a bunch of screenshots to go with it. It's also impossible to convey how great Portal is with just still screenshots, but I think this comes pretty close:


Hey Look At My Stuff!

So my iRiver Clix was delivered to me yesterday while I was at work. It's a tiny ass device, but it's pretty slick. Plays music, movies, displays text files, plays (basic) flash games, FM radio, image viewer (including display of album covers)... only 2GB of space, but I already have a 20gb player, so I'm not worried about that. Even though the screen is tiny (2.2" wide according to the specs), I have been randomly encoding shit to play on it until the novelty wears off. Last night I ripped Spider-Man 2 from my DVD and now I'm watching it on this thing for whatever reason. I have a 26" LCD TV, but whatever I can't put that in my pocket!

Anyway I'm bored, so here's a stupid low-quality YouTube video of Spider-Man 2 playing on it!

I'm done for now.
iRiver Clix



So for my second ever business trip I'll be headed to grand old Portland, Oregon on the west coast. It's a smaller convention that we run for our members (as opposed to BookExpo, which we just attend). The actual convention is only two days (Feb 1st and 2nd), but I'll be there Jan 31st and I'll spend most of the 30th and 3rd flying to and fro. Sweet.

I just realized that I've never been west of Chicago before. Weird. Should be fun though. On Friday night I'll even be going out for some drinks (and apparently 'scotch eggs') with some shackers. Woo! That makes me look forward to the trip a little more, because I honestly didn't really want to go. I don't think it will be all that bad though. I was sneaky and my flight in is really late, so I got out of a portion of the setup on the 30th.

As with my crazy trip to Washington DC last summer, I will probably provide daily or semi-daily updates, perhaps even with pictures. Everyone loves pictures, right? Naked pictures? I'll see what I can do... maybe.

Ninja, Vanish!

So last night I went to Ninja NYC for my birthday (which is on the 24th) and had a super awesome and also delicious time! You can read all about it if you want! There are pictures!


I was bored like a week ago so I made a Halloween stylesheet. I think it came pretty good. I never do anything on Halloween, or at least I haven't done anything on Halloween in many years. I think I went to a party/gathering back in high school with my friends, but I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything since. I used to go to haunted houses and on those haunted hay rides and I think I stopped trick-or-treating in 6th or 7th grade. Halloween is a pretty interesting and weird holiday if you think about it.

So anyway, this year I have already been to a haunted house (not scary, but I was drunk, so I guess it didn't count) and I am going to a party! Woo! I'm dressing as a ninja. It will be fun. Pictures? Maybe. It's hard to take a picture of a ninja though. We're very stealthy. You know, like a ninja.

Every Day is a Great Adventure

Busy weekend. I don't think I did anything on Friday. It was so long ago I don't even remember. So that day wasn't busy. Saturday we had a surprise party for my mom's 50th birthday. I'd been planning and putting it together with help from my aunt and sister and other aunt for a couple weeks and it went really well. She didn't suspect anything since her real birthday is on the 21st. I was kind of surprised that it wasn't that much work to put it together. Just bought a bunch of food and my aunt and sister cooked and I threw up some balloons and streamers and that was that. Not too shabby.

Sunday I lounged around the whole day and watched the Giants beat the Redskins 19-3. Awesome. Then around 7:30 I went off to the train station because the next say was Six Flags Great Adventure day, woo!

You see, dahanese is crazy, so we woke up at like uh, I dunno 6:30am or something. We took the ferry over to Jersey where we picked up her dad's car and we were on our way. We got there at 9:30 and the park opens at 10:00. Jesus. Still we got to see some people dance and they finally let us in around 10am. Everyone ran. They told us not to run, but we ran anyway. We had no god damned idea where they were running, but I figured it was just because they were excited.

Turns out they were running toward this ride called Kingda Ka. The ride itself lasts less than a minute but you are shot forward at 128mph and then head upward 456 feet (45 stories). Then you go back down. On the way up and down you also get twisted around. It was unreal. We waited in line for I think an hour but it was worth it (we ran to Superman instead, which was also awesome, and there was literally no line when we got there, but otherwise the Kingda Ka line would have been way shorter for us). The thing is fucking huge. Also apparently sometimes the cars don't make it over the top and fall back down. Apparently that's supposed to happen and it just relaunches you if it does, but jesus that has got to suck. We also went on a couple other coasters (Batman, Superman, Medusa and the Scream Machine twice) and a few smaller rides. Good times.

And now I'm back at work updating my stupid blog. Life just isn't fair. Ah well. Big changes to come at the end of the month, by the way! More as it develops!