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Relax... No Seriously, I DARE YOU

And now we have the things nightmares are made of! Okay so back in like, I don't even know, probably October or something, myself and dahanese decided it would be awesome to take a vacation this summer! Yay. So after weighing our options and expenses we decided on a resort called Sandals in Jamacia (Negril, to be specific, a town about 90 minutes west of Montigo Bay). All is well, right? Anyway it's scheduled for August 14th - 19th. Great. The night before we're both really tired so we set dual alarms for 5:30am in order to catch our 9am flight with Air Jamacia.

Only her alarm is set for 5:30pm, and mine is set for 5:30am but not actually set to 'on'. Big problems. We wake up at 6:30am in a complete panic and rush to the airport as quickly as possible. We get there at maybe 7:30am and are eventually told that our flight is full and since we missed the window to get on our flight (which we have paid for and even have seat assignments) then we're pretty much fucked.
We get on standby for the next flight but to no avail. And that's it. There are seriously two flights from New York City to Jamacia on Air Jamacia. I don't even know.

So long story short, rather than eating the cost of the trip, find another flight there on another airline. American Airlines to the rescue! Well, they rescue us from $700 or so anyway. Hooray.

Anyway we get there, late, but we get there, and everything is peachy. Of course Dahanese works for 2k Games and the game she's been doing stuff for (BioShock) is set to release the following week. Bad time to go on vacation, but whatever we scheduled the vacation before they moved the launch date. Anyway Toys R Us decides it's an awesome idea to sell the game early, which inevitably leads to a huge shitstorm of people spoiling the game and complaining that the PC activation doesn't work because it's set to allow activation on the 21st, not the 14th. So work must be done, but whatever.

The next day we are introduced to tropical storm Dean. Fourth tropical storm of the season ane eventually the first hurricane. By Wednesday it's evident this thing is on a direct path for the very island we are on. The very island that has not been directly hit by a hurricane in twenty years. Awesome.

We talk to the people at the resort and they assure us (after many freak outs) that we'll be able to get off in time, or even that the thing won't hit until Sunday night or early Monday (our departure tickets are for 5pm on Sunday). It's all good.

Fuck those assholes. The next day we go to see the status and Dean is now category four with a high probability of being category five in the next day, and the course is not only directly headed for Jamacia, but it's headed here quick and will hit Saturday night or Sunday morning.

We go back to the concierge who informs us that we're fucked (she may as well have sat there drooling and drawing stick figures because that's about how useful she was). Also the awesome part is that if we stick around for the hurricane, aside from the obvious dangers, we'll probably be stuck on the island for another week at least.

So more panic but we get a flight off the island for a mere $1200 (that's total, so $600 each), only we aren't assigned seats, but the airline assures us we have a seat, it's just that it's emergency or bulkhead and those aren't assigned until you check in.

Saturday morning rolls around and we check in. No seats. We're on standby. We paid $1200 to be on standby. Hooray! However it all ended up working out and we got on the flight (to Atlanta) and we avoided being killed (and are being reimbursed for the cost of the outbound flight).

For the record Dean more or less direct hit the island, and the last flights off it were Saturday night as it was hit early Sunday morning (around 5am I believe). The power company turned off the power on the entire island to 'preserve the integrity of the system' sometime between Saturday and Sunday. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if we had been there.

Anyway we made it back, and the moral of the story is... don't miss your flights and don't fucking trust anyone in Jamacia. Seriously. And that's my vacation! Enjoy the pictures!
Jamacia Mon!

One of the gardens in the resort thingy. Pretty.

Holy shit a starfish!

You see lots of fish when you snorkel.

Holy shit who gave this asshole a camera?!

Gazebo at the resort I assume for weddings or possibly human sacrifices.

Fucking jellyfish were all over the stupid ocean. Seriously fuck those things.

Some Italian chick... she sat next to us at dinner and then we saw her the next day!

Shot of the beach and some feet.

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Need more Italian chick, amirite?

Aug. 26, 2007 (6:15am EST)

#2 - Scuba Reply
Youar are correct, sir.

Aug. 26, 2007 (6:26pm EST)

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