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Mmmm, Floor Pie

In anticipation of the long delayed Simpsons Movie I decided to sift through the bowels of and pick out my personal favorite episodes. Okay there are 300-something episodes, so that's kind of a tough task, though I will admit I stopped being thorough after season 11.

Some quick facts about my initial compilation (if you don't care, then go here), which contained sixty-four episodes, mostly based on quotes and funny moments that have stuck with me. Episodes from every season from 2 - 12 are there. Season 12 has the least with 1 episode, season 8 had the most with 10 episodes. The peak of the series, for me anyway, appeared to be season 5 - 8, which accounted for 37 of the 64 episodes. However upon selecting the top 15 (which is a weird number of episodes, but I felt 20 was too many and 10 not enough) I found myself tending to stay away from most episodes airing after season 7. In fact this list is more or less a bell curve starting low at season three, peaking at season 5 -7 and then dropping back down for seasons 8 and 9.

Ordering them wasn't easy, but I mainly went on instinct. This is all personal taste of course, because we all know the Simpsons is serious business. I did the best I could.

But enough of that crap, on to the list!

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