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Older Women Know How To Party!

So Saturday was interesting. I spent most of the day finishing up season four of 24 and playing Counter-Strike as I often do. My uncle and his four kids stopped by when I was playing CS and asked me a million questions as I played Dust 2, Aztec and then Dust. Most notably:

Cousin: "Why are you playing this level again?"
Me: "This is a different level."
Cousin: "But it looks the same."
Me: "Trust me, it's different."
Cousin: "What's different about it?"
Me: "I don't know, it's smaller."

Fans and haters of Dust and Dust2 will appreciate that I guess, if you can forgive the always hilarious chatlog format. Anyway, about an hour after they left I got a call from their mom, my aunt. Now she's 39 and has four kids (ages 4 to 12), but she's a lot of fun, and in excellent shape. She says I should go to this bar with her and some people she knows at around 10pm. Since I had nothing to do, I figured why not? I drive over to her house and we pick up one of her friends and we're off.

The bar itself was an odd mix of younger people (around my age) and older folks all the way up to probably their fifties. But the older people weren't the normal two or three creepy old guys in the corner that watch all the younger girls dance like most clubs seem to have. They were people on dates, dancing and drinking and having fun. It was very strange to me, because both of my parents never ever go out. They're both very boring people socially, so I always find it odd when anyone around their age is actually active in one way or another.

I've never been to a bar with a bunch of 40-somethings before, but I might have to make a habit out of it. Those ladies (I note my hesitation to call them 'chicks') were pretty fun, and I didn't pay for a single thing all night. My aunt was awesome and paid my cover ($10) and then I just kept getting handed beers. Also it's funny how when you're my age (24) getting carded is kind of annoying, but my aunt was pretty happy she got carded.

Also invited was a girl my aunt worked with who was a lot closer to my age (she's 20) and her friend. I think my aunt had it planned as some sort of setup, but a number of factors sort of put a stop to that. I think if just one of them was there I might have at least asked for a number, but two of them and one of me really screwed me up, and only compounded how amazingly bad I am at this sort of thing. However I think I did stay away from being completely retarded, which I suppose is some kind of worthless silver lining.

But, overall, pretty fun time. I shall have to do it again in the future, though perhaps not exactly the same way.
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So you didn't get in on that menopausal vaging action? You have disappointed me for the last time...

Mar. 6, 2006 (10:32pm EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
lolz they were all married... also doesn't menopause happen closer to your 50s?

Mar. 6, 2006 (11:54pm EST)

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