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As you perhaps might know, the CMS on this site is entirely built by me because I apparently have some sort of weird affinity for reinventing the wheel since there are a large variety of CMSs that do what this one does and probably more. However it's a fun project and I enjoy figuring out new ways to attempt to block spammers, thus far the biggest hurdle to not using a tried and true system like Word Press or something.

At any rate, I have been making a fuckload of changes to it over the last few months and I finally reached a point where I decided to roll them out to a non-test site. I think the biggest change is currently the search function, which is not too shabby because I make the database server do all the work.

That's all for now. I have an entirely too long tirade about Spider-Man 3 that I will post some day, but I need to finish writing it first. Yes it's very long and nerdy.
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Yes, I will be hasty and claim Van Helsing was better than Spiderman 3.

May. 10, 2007 (12:21am EST)

Lies. although beckinsale was in VH, right? Eddie Brock's GF is pretty hot.

May. 10, 2007 (9:50am EST)

You realize that chick is the blind ginger kid from The Village, yeah? Don't believe the bottle-blond lies!

May. 11, 2007 (3:37am EST)

#3 - Mike Reply
I never saw Van Helsing but I wouldn't go as far to say it was awful... it just wasn't very good :(

May. 10, 2007 (3:50pm EST)

i dunno if you ever tried something like this, but a buddy of mine added a simple bullet or checkbox selection that simply said 'are you a bot' or something and you only had to check/select no to post, last i checked he still didn't have a speck of spam on his forums. could be worth a try! ;)

Jun. 16, 2007 (4:25am EST)