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War, What Is It Good For?

Finished up God of War this morning. Really awesome game, but I feel like my video game world has come crashing down. I bought Super Paper Mario yesterday and I started playing that almost immediately after I finished God of War and it's kind of insane how different they are in almost every way possible while both still managing to be action games.

At any rate, I'm late to the party, but God of War is really awesome and now I have to go buy God of War 2 because I hear it is equally awesome, if not better. Any game where you spend the duration of the gametime fucking pretty much everyone up is okay by me. Ridiculous amounts of violence and bloodshed and beating everything that walks (or flies in some cases) to a bloody pulp.

Also is kind of annoys me that God of War 3 will probably come out and will probably be exclusive to PS3 and I do not own a PS3, nor do I really want one. Maybe I can get one for free from some dumb website. Such problems to worry about!

Super Paper Mario is pretty cool too, and kind of trippy because you shift from 2D to 3D a lot, but I haven't played it enough to comment I guess.
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