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Laptop, More Like Craptop

You know I'm having a really awesome day so far. Sarcasm. Anyway, I just dropped my laptop off somewhere on the west side because the stupid 'A' key doesn't work right. Roughly 50% of the key presses actually cause it to register an a, and only if you hit it fairly hard. It's annoying and lots of words have an 'A' in them so I can't live with it. It's under warranty though, and the dude said it would take a week to fix maybe, so here's hoping. It will be awesome with a fully functional keyboard.

In other laptop news, I hate Shacknews for getting me into this god damned free MacBook thing. The deal is (or was anyway, it's no longer offered fixed because Josh Clark says I am wrong), you sign up for 18 stupid things and they give you a free MacBook Pro. After you sign up for and wait for verification and cancel all the offers (which all sign you up for some kind of subscription where they charge you $20 or more per month until you call them up and cancel) you end up spending around $150, though if you got in early it was possible to spend around $40. So all told I guess it's a decent deal, but I am highly pissed off, but I won't reiterate my angst because I suppose I am getting what I deserve. It's way more headache than just going out and buying a MacBook, but I also don't have to spend $2000, so I guess it's some kind of horrible, horrible trade off. I will reserve full assessment for a later date, however.
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Hey Mike,
Saw your link to my blog. Just a quick correction: the MBP offer IS still actually available. NuiTech just started a new link, 18 offers, same as before. People can find the new link on my site.

Feb. 27, 2007 (8:47pm EST)

This is the exact Apple Reportedly Set to Launch new Mac Mini with iPad Mini | Think Tek journal for anonye who wants to move out out virtually this substance. You mention so such its nigh tiring to argue with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new rotation on a content thats been typed nearly for life. Metropolis nonsense, simply high!

Dec. 25, 2015 (12:12pm EST)