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Portland; Day 3, 4 & 5 (belated)

Whoops, so busy I forgot to update! So here's the rundown:

Feb. 1: This is the first day of the actual convention. I'm down in the hotel lobby at around 7:15am. My job for today and tomorrow is to swap projectors (for the always awesome and never boring Power Point presentations) from room to room as needed. Also to fix broken laptops, which doesn't happen too often thankfully. I'm on and off all day because I have about 15 minutes of crazy running around followed by an hour or more of doing absolutely nothing.

This goes on until 7pm or so when we have the author reception. We've invited a bunch of authors to this thing and the publishers have sent us a crapload of advance copies of their latest books for them to sign. I get Requiem for an Assassin signed to my roommate (Barry Eisler is kind of dreamy, in that totally non-gay way... uh, yeah), and The Raw Shark Texts signed by the wonderfully British author (who asked me if I had 'given it a go' yet, since I had a copy before I got to his table, which didn't mean I already owned it, just that I had grabbed it out of the back room earlier in the day). I also picked up advance copies of Book of Air and Shadows (which I did not get signed because Michael Gruber was kind of scary looking, plus I really wanted to leave), Crashing Through (looks really cool, plus it's short so it was easy to fit in my suitcase) and The Society of S for the roomie as well, because she likes that kind of book and advance copies make her hot and bothered.

After that I went to my room and ordered room service and then proceeded to remember that I needed to pack up the stupid projectors and stow them in a safe place (my room) since they're expensive and I guess someone could steal them. I think I was supposed to go to some reception thing at 9:30, but screw that because I fell asleep at 10pm, which I might remind you is 1am eastern, so it's really not as lame as it seems.

Feb. 2: The final day of the convention! More moving projectors around, but less meeting authors. The day went smoothly and we were all set to leave by 5pm. I headed up to my room to relax a bit before heading out to hang out with famous shackers at some bar. I tried to take the train but failed horribly (the Portland trains are not as robust as those in NYC), so I took a cab and showed up a half hour late. We drank many delicious beers and talked about random crap as meets with folks of the Shacknews persuasion tend to go. At around midnight we left and Degenerate and his lovely wife (lovingly known as 'hippy chick') gave me a ride back to my hotel. Sadly, no gay sex was had. I'm starting to think that part about shackmeets is all a lie.

Feb. 3: Time to go home! I caught the train to the airport and got onto my plane. I had a middle seat but I managed to get an aisle when I offered to swap with some dude's girlfriend since they were separated. They seemed very grateful, but I clearly didn't do it for them. I had a 90 minute stop over in Minneapolis where it was a balmy -3F, or -30F with wind chill. Needless to say I did not go outside. The flight from MN to NY was awesome because only 25 people were on the plane, so I got an entire row to myself. Also the nighttime flyby of NYC is probably one of the coolest things ever. I haven't seen that in many years. After that I hopped in a cab and headed home and slept like crazy because holy crap was I tired plus I had an awesome headache. Also my jacket smells like an ashtray because they haven't banned smoking in Portland yet. Get with the times you hippy jerks!

So that's that. I will now leave you with some pictures I took from the hotel of the three mountains you can see while in Portland. I have no idea which is which, but one is Mt. Bachelor, one is Mt. St. Helen's and one is... some other Mt... I forget. Whatever!
Portland - Day 3

I call this one Mt. Pointy

Mt. Roundy

Mt. I'm Kinda Far Away And You Can Barely See Me. Really rolls off the tongue.

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#1 - mewse Reply
Mt. Hood maybe

Feb. 8, 2007 (6:11pm EST)