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So those fancy Dell widescreen 22" LCD monitors were on sale for $299 the other day and I bought one because a) my roommate convinced me (she bought one as well) and b) my old 17" LCD was like 4 years old and had two or three dead pixels and I apparently have enough disposable income to drop $300 on a new monitor. Anyway, it's quite sexy and wide and stuff... I have a lot of desktop room now, and Counter-Strike looks great in widescreen.

The only problem is now my laptop screen seems even more insufficient because it's only 15" with a native resolution of 1024x768 (the new screen is 1680x1050 by the way)... also the screen hinges are kind of wobbly so the screen doesn't always stay up all the time. Oh well. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that! Before and after pictures to follow!

The new Phoenix Wright game, Justice for All is also really good. Same fun of the first game, though they changed some of the music to be not quite as good (mainly the courtroom music is less in your face, or something like that), but it's still pretty good stuff. Also apparently Phoenix won't be a playable character in the third game (which will not be a port of a GBA game like the first two), which is why the emphasis of the logo shifted from Phoenix Wright to Ace Attorney. So I guess it's the Ace Attorney series. Also the fact that I am talking about a video game where you play a lawyer is highly amusing. TAKE THAT!
Dell Widescreen LCD

Old and busted

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I recently picked up Dell's 20" widescreen (E207WFP). Same resolution as the 22". Cost me about $250.

Jan. 28, 2007 (12:58am EST)

#2 - mewse Reply
is it the ultrasharp? or the budget version?

i blew a lot of cash on a 24" 2407fpw, makes warcraft look ga-ga-gorgous :D

Jan. 31, 2007 (1:29am EST)

I was looking at getting a new widescreen flat panel, but wasn't really keen on going dell. If a deal like this comes around again though it might be worth the risk. 24" sounds sexy...

Jan. 31, 2007 (3:26am EST)