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Does Whatever A Spider Can

If I might take an opportunity to nerd it up some more, you may or may not have noticed that the official Spider-man movie site thingy was updated yesterday. It's essentially giving away at least one part of the plot along with a potential villain.

Black suit Spider-man. The black suit is of course the alien symbiote that, when merged with Eddie Brock, became Venom, who is one of the more popular bad guys in the Spider-man mythos. Perhaps little known to non-comic nerds (of which I don't claim to be anyway; I find reading about comics and what happens in them to be more interesting than reading the actual comics) is that Spider-man actually used the suit before Brock. It yielded a more powerful, but also more pissed off Spidy, who eventually rejected the suit when he found out it was trying to take him over (so it's really more of a parasite than a symbiote I guess, but I digress).

Meanwhile Eddie Brock blamed Parker and Spider-man for all his misfortunes, and the combined hatred of Brock and the symbiote made for a pretty powerful, if not comical and weird at times, foe.

It's my understanding that Topher Grace (not to be confused with the similar looking mewse) was cast in this and it's been rumored that he's going to play Brock and possibly Venom. Eddie Brock was always a pretty beefy guy, so I'm not sure how that will work.

Also apparently Bryce Dallas Howard has been cast as Gwen Stacy, who was one of Parker's girlfriends in the comics who died in a scenario similar to the one in the first movie where the Green Goblin dropped that cable car full of kids and Mary Jane from the bridge (only Gwen didn't survive in the comic version). And on top of that Thomas Haden Church (Lowell from Wings!) will play the Sandman.

So, for those keeping track, this movie potentially will have two villains, a love triangle, a dead (would be?) girlfriend, a struggle between Spider-man and the alien suit and also I'm sure Harry Osborn will be pissed because he knows his super hero best friend killed his crazy father. I have faith in Sam Raimi, but that is a lot of crap for one movie. Anyways; May 4th, 2007! Be there or be... square I guess. What a stupid saying.
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#3 - Manc Reply
Doesn't "being there" count as "being square" in this case?


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Feb. 26, 2006 (8:25am EST)