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Nintendo Wii. Great Console, or Greatest Console?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. They call me Ismael. Today, November 19th, was the launch of that Nintendo Wii console I may have mentioned a couple of times. My plight is one of, uh, lots of waiting. And plightyness. Firefox 2.0's spell check is saying that's not a word, but I don't believe that.

Anyway, the original plan was to wake up early today and head to a Best Buy or possibly the Nintendo World Store and hope to get one. Instead we get some insider info that the Toys R Us in Times Square will be getting in 5000 Wiis. Five thousand. So we, my roommate and I, rush down to the place. The line wraps around the block. As in, the end of the line and the beginning of the line were very close to each other. We get a spot and a wrist band and we're about 2500 people into the line. It's a little after 8:00pm. We wait.

And wait.

The store closes at 10pm and then reopens at 12am just for the Wii launch. The line starts moving at 11:50pm. It's dark and cold and random tourists are mocking us. All five thousand of us. We play DS (side note: Elite Beat Agents is awesome) and wait and wait. The line starts to move. Slowly. By 2:10am we are inside Toys R Us. There are tons of Wiis and remotes and games and it's quite glorious. We buy a Wii and an extra controller and three games and run home. Mission complete.

Quick reviews? Excite Truck is fun as hell. Super Monkey Ball is kind of confusing. Wii Sports is pretty neat. I haven't played Zelda yet. Also I need to get component cables I think. So far the Wii is really fun to play and I can't wait to get my hands on Mario and Metroid and see what else developers can do with the controller functionality. Should be sweet. That's all for now! Enjoy these pictures!
Nintendo Wii

Inside this box is... pure magic.

The flash makes it hard to see how awesome it is. It's very white and Apple-ish. But I forgive it.

This is the bag Toys R Us gave us. Spared no expense. There's the remote below.

The Wii and four games! Excite Truck, Monkey Ball, Wii Sports and Zelda. I haven't cracked Zelda open yet.

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#1 - Sergeon Reply
Dammit, we need a Wii shackmeet STAT! I am so very curious about how this sucker plays! How is mid-December?

Nov. 20, 2006 (5:42am EST)

#3 - Mike Reply
You supply the party, I'll supply the Wii!

Nov. 20, 2006 (6:33pm EST)

#4 - dahanese Reply
dude, you just got propositioned by sergeon.

...and you liked it.

Nov. 21, 2006 (12:18am EST)

More pix of yr wrist, plz.

Nov. 20, 2006 (8:38am EST)