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So you know that Halloween party thing I was talking about? Okay, so, good times. We get to the place which is somewhere outside Philly I think, and chat for a while. It's a surprise birthday/Halloween party, even though the birthday boy's actual birthday is December 31st, but I guess that's what makes it a surprise party. Anyway, we get into our costumes and do the mini party thing with drinking and talking and stuff and finally we head off to a bar where there's apparently some sort of costume party contest thing. Good, good.

Except when we get there there are no people in costume. Well, scratch that, there are no other people in costume. It's a pretty big bar, two floors, second floor had a good fifty or sixty people on it (maybe more). Costumed people? Fifteen or us or so? Awesome. On the plus side the person who put together the whole thing went and found the manager who apparently took pity on us and gave us 75% off our tab. Woo! Which is good because the drinks were not very strong. But still, $20 for a decent amount of drinks by two people, well, you can't beat that. All you have to do is dress up like a ninja and show up at a bar. Trust me.

I think I might have another update later today. Pictures of random things perhaps.
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