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I was bored like a week ago so I made a Halloween stylesheet. I think it came pretty good. I never do anything on Halloween, or at least I haven't done anything on Halloween in many years. I think I went to a party/gathering back in high school with my friends, but I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything since. I used to go to haunted houses and on those haunted hay rides and I think I stopped trick-or-treating in 6th or 7th grade. Halloween is a pretty interesting and weird holiday if you think about it.

So anyway, this year I have already been to a haunted house (not scary, but I was drunk, so I guess it didn't count) and I am going to a party! Woo! I'm dressing as a ninja. It will be fun. Pictures? Maybe. It's hard to take a picture of a ninja though. We're very stealthy. You know, like a ninja.
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#1 - AskedRelic Reply
Ajax comments? These seem new.
Halloween style sheet is awesome, totally unexpected! It's just hard to read over the pumpkin, but that's all. Cool beans!

Oct. 23, 2006 (10:32pm EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
I guess they're kind of ajax'ish, yeah. I added the ability to reply to any comment instead of the general thread a little while ago. works pretty well I think.

I think I might have to darken the pumpkin a little more now :(

Oct. 24, 2006 (5:49pm EST)

You need to integrate Scuba's ouchface pumpkin in here somewhere!

Oct. 25, 2006 (1:01am EST)