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So in my never ending quest to apparently never leave New York City, I was there four days in a row, Friday through Monday. I don't live there yet. Fun times though.

Monday (which is today, though it technically ended eight minutes ago), I went to see a taping of The Colbert Report. Dahanese, who is awesome for many reasons, got tickets back in March. I was actually a replacement invite because her sister's boyfriend (who was originally invited) is both out of town and apparently doesn't care for the Colbert Report (their relationship is in serious jeopardy now!), so I win at being the fourth choice! Woo!

At any rate, it was a really fun experience. We are insane, so we got there at 3pm or so and were first in line, and thus had totally bitchin' front and center seats. There was a comedian guy who warmed up the audience (he was pretty funny) and then the stage manager came out to tell us when to clap (we're not allowed to during the beginning of the show, though laughing is okay apparently). Then finally Colbert himself popped out and high fived the entire front row twice (I'll never wash this hand again!) and answered a couple of questions, told some jokes and then they started the show.

It was neat being there because I tend to associate stuff on TV as being fake and it was pretty cool seeing the big 'C' desk and the set and all that stuff. It looks way smaller in person, but Stephen Colbert appears to be a normal size in person (maybe even bigger than normal size because he's pretty tall).

At any rate I'm really tired from riding the train so much this weekend plus I didn't get any sleep on Saturday night, so I'm going to stop this probably poorly worded update and catch some sleep. Thank you and good night!
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