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Kiss The Sky

Someone posted this flash game on Shacknews and it's really fun. It's yet another variation of that penguin toss game, only the music is really catchy (to me anyway) and there's some extra stuff you can do like bounce off pink clouds and deploy a parachute. I'm playing it at work even though I should be working and anyone walking by my cube can see me playing. However, I don't care! My record right now is 1391.82 1629.565 km.

Also the whole thing is in Norwegian, but holding space positions the launcher dealies, and then when you're in the air use left and right to keep yourself straight and space for the parachute when you get close to the ground. Oh and press up when you pass by a pink cloud. It's fun! And yes, I really have degraded this page to the point where I post flash games.
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