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The Nintendo Store Is Fancy

In keeping with my Nintendo-themed updates (I hope I'm not a fanboy now, because I really hate Nintendo fanboys and that would really be a conflict of interest), on Friday I went to Nintendo: World Store in Manhattan with dahanese. It's really shiny in there. They had tons of Game Cube and DS and GBA games as well as consoles and DS download stations and all that stuff. Plus a crapload of Nintendo-related junk like toys and t-shirts. I didn't buy anything because there aren't any games I want right now, but dahanese scored a copy of Meteos (they also had many copies of Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center, so if you need some harder to find games, Nintendo Store is where it's at) which we played the fuck out of. Meteos is fun, but playing against and taunting someone while playing Meteos just multiplies how awesome it is.

After that we met up with some other folks from for dinner and drinks. They are becoming less 'Shackmeets' to me (though I suppose that is the correct technical term for them) and more hanging out with awesome people. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's a good thing. I love you, internet friends!
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It means your Internet persona is taking over Real Life™ and you must stop the madness before it's inescapable. That and it seems so awesome because you're drunk all the time!

Sep. 4, 2006 (9:44am EST)

My naaaaaame.... is CYB!!!!

Sep. 4, 2006 (1:13pm EST)

#3 - Mike Reply
that does make sense...

Sep. 4, 2006 (3:17pm EST)


i tried to show father figure the awesomeness of meteos today and he didn't get it. i missed you.

Sep. 5, 2006 (1:55am EST)