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A Duck and a Tortoise...

Are just some of the things you will see if you check out my vacation pictures (complete with a fairly short summary)! That's probably all I'll say about that I guess.

In nerdier news, I finally secured a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and it's pretty damned cool. Everyone kept saying it was great, and I finally caved, and holy crap they were right. It's so wonderfully over-dramatic and so much fun (considering you play a lawyer) that you can't help but smile the entire time you're playing it. If you have a DS you should pick it up. Amazon will be getting a shipment in on August 10th, so pre-order it now, damn you. TAKE THAT!
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Is Kristina your sister? Because she's hotter than you, baby. Looked like a fun time... but you should've smuggled your own booze into every venue. It's all about the flask. In other news, now you get to go back to work in an office everyday for 11 months straight. Sucker!

Jul. 28, 2006 (3:03am EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
No my sister isn't in any of those pictures. Kristina is some chick from Jersey who was awesome at being hot. And they were really strict about booze smuggling. I could have brought clear fluids in a water bottle (my grandma did that with vodka) but other than that it would have been tough to do with rum or Jack :( and I like my job so it's okay!

Jul. 28, 2006 (10:17pm EST)

"I can trustfully say very, very little. I turn the switch on the wall and the lights come on."

Aug. 2, 2014 (4:42am EST)

There was a buzz and a crackle, then his voice.

Aug. 2, 2014 (4:43am EST)

"I'll help you into the bedroom," he said. "It is going to be busy around here pretty soon."

Dec. 24, 2014 (9:27pm EST)