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So I'm back. Got home around 2pm I think. Overall the whole cruise deal was pretty goddamn awesome. I drank entirely too much, spent entirely too much money on said drinking, saw some amazing sights, met some really awesome people and pretty much had an awesome time. The bad? Sunburn. Also, I got fucking sick. Somewhere around day three or so my oldest cousin got sick and I followed along a few days later. I didn't really start coughing up body parts until today thankfully, but the last three days or so the coughing was heavier than I would have liked and my voice is totally fucked up. I'm sure sleeping three hours a night and drinking a lot did not help either. I'll be sweating out Jack Daniel's for weeks to come. Also anyone I shared a drink or cigarette or anything else with is probably fucked. None of them even know about this site, but I'm going to apologize anyway because this cough really sucks ass. Sorry guys!

Anyway I'm wiped out, so I'll leave you with a couple pictures from my collection which clocks in at 559 files and 513 megs. I'll probably have more stuff about this in the coming days since it's not like I have much else to update about. Plus everyone loves pretty pictures.
Caribbean Cruise, Select Pics

Fort at Old San Juan, shot taken during arrival.

Sleeping with the fishes.

Iguanas at the St. Thomas aquarium.

Shot from up high in Tortola. That bigass boat is the ship I was on.

The Virgin Islands are like huge mountains in the middle of the ocean.

A very secluded beach in Tortola called Josiah's Bay.

Sunrise at sea. Going to bed is overrated.

I have no shame. Thank you and goodnight!

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