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Sub-par Bowl... Stupor Bowl... haha!

Tomorrow, as I'm sure many of you might know (perhaps), is the 40th annual NFL championship game between the NFC and AFC, otherwise known as the Super Bowl. To be played at around 7pm eastern time in Detroit between the Seahawks of Seattle and the Steelers of Pittsburgh.

I like football. And yes, I'm well aware there is another sport which is much more popular on a world scale, and most people call it football as well... but we here in the US of A call that soccer and this is football. Throwball or runball would be more accurate names since very little of the game involves kicking, but those just sound stupid and if you want to get into it, calling it soccer is in no way inaccurate since the word 'soccer' is actually short for 'association football', which is what football (soccer) was named to distinguish itself from other forms of football, such as rugby football, which is where American football (not soccer) is derived from. All three games have common roots, which you can see from their game play, field layout and so on to a certain extent.

So anyway, before I went on that tangent, I was going to talk about the Super Bowl. It's an interesting match up because the Steelers have proven themselves quite formidable by bumping off the top three seeds, arguably three teams in the top five of the AFC all on the road. The Seahawks had an easier time, and finished with the second best record in the league (thanks in part to a weak schedule).

Pittsburgh is not as good a team as everyone is making them out to be. In round one they had few problems with a decent Bengals team thanks to Chad Johnson getting his knee torn apart after two plays. Then they played the Colts, who, let's face it, are not very good in the playoffs. And even though they appeared to dominate the Colts in what was a perplexing game from a officiating standpoint, the Colts managed to come back and only ended up losing because whoever picked up that fumble at the end is an idiot and their kicker is a drunk. They did play admirably against the Broncos however; I'll give them that much.

Still, you don't get to the Super Bowl without at least a little bit of luck, so while the Seahawks have more or less coasted the entire season, the Steelers have had to work for it. I wasn't even sure they were going to make the playoffs back in the last few weeks of the season, but they pulled that off too.

On the Seattle side, Hassleback is a solid QB, but he can be forced to make stupid throws if you put enough pressure on him, which the Steelers are sure to do. If the Steelers can shut down Shaun Alexander (which they probably won't have problems doing, they held Rudi Johnson to 56 rushing yards, Edgerrin James to 56 and Mike Anderson to 36), then Seattle is kind of screwed.

I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd bet on the Steelers. I'm picking a final score of 38 - 17, Steelers. Ben Rooflesburger or Jerome Bettis will be MVP (depending on who scores more touchdowns) and Bill Cowher will still have that sneer on his face, but maybe he'll actually smile a little this time because Neil O'Donnell isn't there to throw three interceptions.
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Mikecyb, I find your use of foul language on this blog dispicable and hope Allah disciplines you accordingly.

p.s., American football is horrible, viva le hockey.

Feb. 5, 2006 (12:58am EST)


Feb. 5, 2006 (2:52am EST)

Pittsburgh bad! DIE DIE DIE

Feb. 5, 2006 (2:56am EST)