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Meteos is Really Addictive, Plus I'm An Idiot

So Meteos was the second game I ever had for my DS. I got it in exchange for some game I won at the very first NYC Shackmeet because I was awesome at laser tag (apparently). It was funny because I went to Target and since I didn't have a receipt I had to walk from the customer service desk all the way to the electronics department, pick out Meteos, and then walk all the way back with an employee escorting me. I was amused, but this isn't the point of this update!

No, you see, the point is that Meteos is great. And after a while I stopped playing it until it came to my attention that you can hold the left or right shoulder button on the DS to make the blocks drop faster. This is important because then it moves a fuckload faster. How much faster? Well in the 100 Meteo challenge, without the shoulder buttons the best I could do was around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. With the button? Nine seconds. Now I've started playing again because I'm obsessed with getting better scores.

It also compounds my desire for a DS Lite, because the brighter screens and bigger stylus are really, really nice. Even while I was drunk and standing in the middle of the sidewalks somewhere in Manhattan (it seemed like a good idea at the time) I could tell that it was awesome! If only it came in a non-white variety that didn't cost $190+ to obtain. I'd so be all over that. Oh well. My rampant consumer whorism can wait I suppose.
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eric might be getting a ds lite. i say we steal it and head to mexico.

this plan cannot be a bad one.

Jul. 2, 2006 (6:41pm EST)

#2 - mewse Reply
suck it up and buy a white one! on the other hand, you already have a DS, you ninny!

either way your mother's a whore!

Jul. 6, 2006 (6:48pm EST)

I enjoy hearing it in my head as meaty OS.

Aug. 15, 2006 (3:29am EST)

...or meatyo's

Aug. 15, 2006 (3:30am EST)