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Someone Blue My Car

Update because I'm slacking off at work. Insurance guy called yesterday but I didn't answer, so I called back and left a message, but he still hasn't called me back so I have no idea how much this crap is going to cost me (it will be less than the deductable though, for sure).

The guy at the body shop is awesome though and he said he'd knock off $100 or $125 if I pay him in cash. Now I just have to get to my crappy bank when it's still open (9-5 every day and not opened on weekends, thanks a lot Key Bank, you lazy fucks).

And then there's my rental car! It's really fucking blue. What the hell? Also I took pictures of the damage. As you can see it's terrible! I can't believe I survived the collision! Also I'm too lazy to blur the license plate so none of you assholes better call the cops on me!
Car Accident June '06 Woo!

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...what would calling the cops on you prove? Any outstanding warrants?

Jun. 21, 2006 (5:38pm EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
I dunno, I guess you could report the car stolen or say I have drugs or something weird? Not that any of it would hold up but it would certainly annoy me :P

Jun. 22, 2006 (3:20pm EST)

Man, that is nothing... I should post up some pics from when my first Prelude was totalled. That was a lucky to be alive scenerio.

Jun. 23, 2006 (3:25pm EST)

Courtesy the wayback machine... I need to get the actual pics back online. *sigh* I miss my

Jun. 23, 2006 (3:36pm EST)

haha I remember that... good times. anyway this is by far the least bad accident I have ever been in (total count is now six, with three not my fault and one half my fault). it's just annoying and stuff >:(

Jun. 23, 2006 (3:53pm EST)