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Washington, DC; Day 3

The saga continues! Today was the 'presentation day' or something. The convention floor was only kinda open and all day there were seminars and presentations and junk. We got these barcode scanner dealies so instead of making everyone at a specific event sign in, we just scan them and we're set. This year was a trial run though, so we only did six events or so, but it went very well and I think the CEO (who has final say with these things) will be pleased with the results. Makes things a ton easier on us since nobody has to do data entry. Not that I care, since it wouldn't be me, but people at my company tend to really like to make work way harder than is has to be for everyone. For example, write up an article that has to be published in Word, then send it to someone to convert to HTML and post it to the website. You know, instead of using Dreamweaver or something, which works exactly the same as Word only it outputs HTML that isn't fucking insane. But I digress.

After a good ten hours on my feet, they fucking hurt. I was wearing dress shoes (we have to wear suits), which didn't help. I put my sneakers on when I got back here and I felt like I was walking on clouds. You know, if you could actually walk on them and they weren't made of water.

Oh yeah, I saw Queen Latifah. She was giving a speech about something, I dunno (I had to leave after like five minutes), and she wrote a children's book apparently, so I guess that's what she was talking about.

Also I saw Paco Underhill who wrote some book and is the CEO and founder of Envirosell which I never heard of before today but it sounds kind of like bullshit. His book sounds like it might be interesting though. All the rest of the speakers I saw were just people who I either work with or don't know (and thus are boring and unfamous, though the COO does have a bunch of pictures in his office of him and Bill Clinton from that one time they met), and so not worth mentioning.

I think I'll take some pictures tomorrow. Maybe I'll walk over to the White House. I think it's pretty close.

Next up I wanted to quickly mention the WTC movie trailer but a longass tirade of text came out after it, so I decided to move it to the 'more' text. Read at your own risk! I'll be back tomorrow! The World Trade Center movie trailer was released. Terrible and contrived plot elements aside, the trailer literally made me sick to my stomach. I'm generally not a proponent of 'too soon!', and I've made my share of tasteless 9/11 jokes on the internet, but I don't know. This and United 93 are just kind of... I don't know. They could be two of the greatest movies ever, but I would still rather they not get made. It seems less like a tribute to the memory of people and events and more like Hollywood not knowing what the fuck.

Honestly the Hollywood being out of touch schpeil that conservatives spout is largly true. Making a movie about things isn't the answer to everything. It's not like it's an event that needs to have awareness brought to it. It's not like anyone anywhere in the world has forgotten that it happened. It just seems like Hollywood (used as a general term here, since I'm sure there are people there who feel the same way I do) and their continuing desperate search for a story. Every movie the last two or three years has been a remake or a sequel, and now they've run out of those so they have to make movies out of events that happened five years ago.

And it's not like there's even a happy ending here. Even if Nick Cage survives at the end, and lifts the wreckage off himself in a moment of triumph, nothing changes. All those people died, the buildings fell and, honestly, the mentality of the country gets fucked. People are united for about a month and then the rifts that were once there become massive. It's not a great event. It's not something that should be celebrated with a movie directed by Oliver Stone. Or rather, not this quickly. It's still fresh in everyone's mind. I'm still amazed and then angered and saddened if I think about it for too long.

And don't get me wrong, I realize why (in the mind of the attackers) why it was done. I know America isn't innocent. Violence leads to more violence. It's all we know I guess. For all the evolution our brains have undergone, we are still clearly scared animals when threatened. Maybe that's why we had sex with chimps. We're crazy mother fuckers!
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i completely agree with you about the wtc movie.

it makes me so angry because i think it still hurts so bad, i don't want it getting fictionalized or... profitted from... or... something.

May. 21, 2006 (4:03am EST)