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Washington, DC; Day 2

Continuing with my ongoing not-that-exciting journal of this trip, today, I think, was the last day where I won't be going nuts. From what I hear tomorrow the convention gets nuts. Well, tomorrow isn't actually a convention day, but we have a bunch of seminars and crap... or something. BookExpo America, by the way, is where I am. We spent the day setting up our company's area which is a large room with various tables and chairs and computers and junk. Not very exciting IT stuff took up most of my day, though we did get to walk to Staples to buy a switch since one of ours decided it would be a great idea to crap out.

I got back to my room around 6pm and I ordered room service for the first time in my life. It was pretty cool. I got a hamburger because beef is delicious. Then I took a bath because I never do that either, not since I had a girlfriend anyway. They're highly overrated without the aid of a naked girl. So yeah that was my day. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some pictures or something! Maybe.
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They're highly overrated without the aid of a naked girl.


May. 18, 2006 (10:17pm EST)

what the hell? this is not a triple-e zone, this is a double-e zone!

May. 18, 2006 (10:17pm EST)