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Washington, DC; Day 1

So work decided to send me along to our nation's capital, the District of Columbia. We're organizing/taking part in this big convention dealie down here and I have to stay here for six days. I drove down today. Pretty uneventful drive, though I have come to the conclusion that Maryland drivers don't know what they're doing. Moreso than other drivers. By now I'm probably just used to New York and New Jersey stupidity though.

Anyway, I got here around 7pm and the hotel is super nice. Like, holy shit nice. It's the Renaissance if you want to know. Lots of neato stuff, like a bar in the lobby and a huge porn selection on the TV. Also internet is $10 a day and parking is $22 a day I think. Good thing I'm not paying for it! Following this update is a gallery of pictures of the room! Also I bought the New Super Mario Bros. game, which is awesome and very Mario-like. A little too much, in fact, because I forgot how much I suck ass at SMB games. Mario's physics really fuck me up for some reason. Really great game though; you should pick up a copy if you have a DS! That's all for today kids!
Washington, DC; Day 1

I've never seen so many pillows!

The water is apparently from Norway and costs $5 a tube... you can tell it's fancy because it comes in a tube.

There's a coffee machine in the bathroom! And the cups aren't plastic!! They're real ceramic mugs!

Various toiletries. I have no idea what creame rinse is.

Even the toilet paper has a gold seal. A GOLD SEAL!?

Ahh, but the best part of it all! I bought this myself back in NY though.

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