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New Computer!

There is possibly nothing sadder than updating your blog on a Friday night. I was actually too lazy to call my friends this weekend, and I figured I'd just do nothing this weekend and hang out next weekend, but I just realized I'll be away the next two weekends. My sister graduates this upcoming weekend, and then I'm of to Washington DC the following weekend for my company's... show of some kind. I have no idea what it is because all I have to do is keep the computers from breaking. And I think I have to run a PowerPoint presentation because the CEO or whoever can't talk and click at once... that's what my boss says anyway. I hope the CEO never finds this page. Nobody tattle on me!

Anyways, thanks to my fat tax rebate ($200 state, $600 federal; mainly due to me working part-time last year and only making $17k) I decided to finally upgrade my stupid computer. I picked up an AMD64 3500, X1600Pro, a spiffy MSI motherboard (ATI RD480 chipset, whatever that means) and 2GB of fancy RAM (they're fancy because they have red dealies on them). Oh, and a new power supply. After struggling with Windows (I had to reinstall, god damnit), I finally got everything working and now I'm installing FEAR so I can play it with stuff turned on and in a decent resolution instead of with everything off in 800x600 like I did on my last playthrough. I would be playing Counter-Strike, but Steam refused to work, so I uninstalled it and it decided that meant it should delete all my Steam games. Great. FEAR is five CDs, by the way. Can we get the DVD edition for regular price, please? I don't want to pay $10 extra and get some crap I don't want just so I can have it on DVD. Fuckers. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now, so I'll end by saying that the new Tool CD (which came out May 2nd; or two weeks before that if you got a leak) is okay. I don't like it as much as Lateralis or AEnima, but it's got some good songs on it, so I forgive them. And that's that.
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Well shit dude, if you are hitting DC lemme know where/when you are going to be here. I can take you around and show you a good time.

May. 7, 2006 (9:07pm EST)

you know what's more sad?

going to the gym at 8.30 on a saturday night and thinking this is the BEST TIME to work out, since it's so empty.

May. 8, 2006 (3:54pm EST)

#3 - Mike Reply
omg double reply time!

Scott I'll be in DC from the 17th - 22nd, but I have to work on Sat/Sun so I can't stay out too late :(

dahanese, dude, late workouts rule. I work out at like 10pm most nights. avoiding people also rules too; when I had access to a 24-hour supermarket (up in college) I would go shopping at like midnight on a Wednesday because the store would be totally dead. I guess it's anti-social, but it's not like I talked to anyone when I went during the day and there were no lines!

May. 8, 2006 (4:43pm EST)