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Naked Day!

Today is the first annual CSS Naked Day, and I'm participating because, uh, I have nothing better to do I guess. I added a special feature to allow me to remove the stylesheet without having to edit any files just for this day! It's cool to be naked! This page looks kind of crappy without a stylesheet though, so I half-assed another feature that lets you specify your own stylesheet right in the URL! Fancy!
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You need to re-arrange the page content so that the actual content is at the top and the comments form, contents etc. are below it. I've got my contents above it, because when I did my site last, I found it better that way (via lynx or whatever). But accepted wisdom is content first. It certainly helps search engines.

Apr. 5, 2006 (7:08pm EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
that's a good idea actually, I never even thought of it :(

Apr. 5, 2006 (8:16pm EST)

Thank god! No more nakedness... that was a horrid horrid site. I don't think I will ever be the same.

Apr. 6, 2006 (2:34pm EST)

I missed this?! Awwww =(

Apr. 7, 2006 (2:10am EST)