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The Superest of Bowls

Following up on my last football update (that's American football for you non-American readers), my favorite football team, the New York Football Giants (which is, by the way, the team's legal corporate name) won the Super Bowl, besting the Patriots of New England and are thusly World Football Champions of American Football. Football. The photo below is the final play of the game: with the Patriots down by four points (thus needing a touchdown, which are worth six) their quarterback threw a last ditch pass attempt that was knocked down by the Giants defense, though narrowly missed. Close, exciting and really great game all around.

They're my favorite team in any sport (of which I follow two, the other being hockey and the New York Hockey Rangers), and it's pretty nice to see them succeed twice in such a short time span. I could go into it more but I can't really say anything that George R.R. Martin (himself a big Giants fan) hasn't already said, so I'll just leave you with that.

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