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Spam Central. Population: Me

For a while the cursory spam checking I wrote for this blog back in 2005 (or so) worked, mostly due to the unbridled predictability of comment spammers and at least partially due to the complete obscurity of both this specific blog and the CMS it runs on. In particular I think the way it handled comments before I redesigned it was totally insane and no half-assed spambot parser could figure out what was going on.

But then I redid a bunch of front-end stuff, which included making comments easier to make (though the underlying system remained the same) and apparently that opened the floodgates. Also oddly enough I made an error in the javascript that made it impossible for real people to comment and any spambot that didn't first parse the javascript would have no issues posting. I'm not proud, though in my defense nobody told me and I never comment on my own blog unless it's a reply to someone.

Regardless, the ways of the old have been thrown away and I finally implemented akismet filtering (I had written a simple class for another project so I was mostly able to drop it in). So hopefully that is that. Oh and I also fixed that javascript error so if you want to leave a comment you totally can. I swear.
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See? A comment!

Apr. 4, 2011 (2:24pm EST)

And see, now I reply to that comment with a brand new one!

Apr. 4, 2011 (2:40pm EST)

A thank you, from the fans.

Apr. 4, 2011 (4:15pm EST)

mikecyb lied. People died.

Apr. 4, 2011 (6:00pm EST)

Hello. As a regular contributor to the Doom Wiki (or at least formerly so), you may be interested to learn that it was forked to an independent host, Hope to see you there!

Sep. 23, 2011 (9:42pm EST)

Regardlesss of which you are around the community, your own appearance requires.

Dec. 15, 2013 (1:37am EST)