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After a roughly two day hiatus this blog is back and (possibly) better than ever. That's actually partially a lie since for it to be better than ever I would have to get rid of this CMS (written in my foolish youth) but that's a project for another time.

Going by my Google Analytics numbers from the past month a little under 23% of the visitors to this site use Internet Explorer (the majority of them IE8) which is low enough for me to decidedly stop caring to a point. The remaining slightly over 77% use Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera which all support HTML5 and CSS3 (to an extent). Mind you this is a pretty small number of people in general since I' not exactly rolling in visitors (which is an interesting mental image) which is primarily why I decided to do a (wait for it) HTML5 version of the site! Tada!

HTML5 has become a bit of an all-encompassing buzzword itself though, because in reality I used very few things that are specific to the HTML5 spec and instead went with mostly some CSS3 stuff. All the rounded edges and shadows and such are done with CSS3 and some random other things like the menu is positioned with CSS3.

Initially I had planned to use some HTML5-specific things like <header> but Internet Explorer doesn't seem to care for those extended markup elements very much so I went with good old divs in order to maintain some semblance of graceful degradation (without employing whatever Javascript trickery that I'm sure exists). Here's what it looks like in IE8:

Some day I'll port this over to another CMS and make it less annoying to work with (me from 2005 or so had some good ideas but his technical knowhow was a bit lacking), but until then I'll just stick with a slight redesign.

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