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Games Started: Shank and Amnesia

This very first, very exciting video game-related update is the first two games I started this year, both on January 1st.


Shank is the tale of a dude named Shank and some guy killed his wife and then it sort of turns into an even worse version of Kill Bill. But basically it's a side scrolling beat-em-up. It doesn't present much new as far as mechanics and gameplay go, but it's pretty fun if not a bit repetitive. I imagine I'm close to the end at this point having put in 96 minutes according to Steam.

Amnesia: Dark Descent

I'm not posting any gameplay screenshots because I saw one and I think it may have spoiled something for me, though I'm still totally not looking forward to it. This game kind of reminds me a little of Thief though without all the stealing and stealth stuff and more with the spooky castle in an outdated engine. Still, it has so far done a pretty fine job of building up a spooky atmosphere and I haven't crapped myself yet but I'm certainly a little pensive while I play it, which is something games seldom (ever?) do for me. Generally when a game is supposed to be scary I just find it lame. I only played it on the 1st for 83 minutes (thanks Steam!) but I'll be going back to it in the future.

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