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Fifty Years

So on Sunday we had a surprise party for my grandparents on my mom's side. They've been married for fifty years. That's a long fucking time. Like holy crap. That's about all I have to say about that I guess.

The party itself was fun. I got to see a bunch of Italian people that I see once every three years or so, who I don't know the names of or how they're related to me. Italian people seriously need to stop with all the goddamn baby making. They're worse than the Irish! (I'm also Irish, by the way.)

But continuing with how awesome my grandparents are, they actually announced over a year ago that they were going on a cruise to some places in the tropic regions (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and some other places I forget the names of) and taking the whole damned family with them. As you'd expect from my Catholic Irish/Italian family, my mom is one of seven kids. Six are married, and everyone has at least one kid (the average is 2.85 grandkids per kid). So this makes for a total of thirty-six people (the youngest kid is being left behind). I don't know how much these things cost, but it has to be in the 'fuckload of cash' region. Costs don't include drinks (we have to buy those ourselves), which I plan on dropping at least a week's worth of pay on, so I guess it balances out.

We actually did this ten years ago for their 40th anniversary, only with fewer people (twenty-three if I remember right). It was kind of fun then, but I was only fourteen, so I couldn't drink or gamble. They didn't even want us walking through the casino they had on the boat, which was annoying. I got yelled at by the staff three or four times since it was quicker to cut through the casino than go around it. So this time will be better, because I will be able to drink and watch my stupid relatives lose money instead of playing lame arcade games and waiting for everyone to finish gambling. Also there is lots of food on a cruise ship. We could probably feed a decent sized country of starving Africans with a single cruise ship, but screw those guys anyway.

Anyway, that's in July, so I have another three and a half months of waiting to do, but it's gonna be sweet! Remember kids, drinking is cool, no matter what anyone says. Stay in school!
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