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Extremely Quick and Brief PAX Day 1 Impressions

Since I'm actually at PAX (unlike my lame E3 impressions) I can give more in-depth views of stuff since I can play some of them! Of course I am also somewhat busy, so I only have a brief moment to write up some stuff! If you want more sweet PAX stuff, I'm posting stuff on twitter pretty constantly.

God of War III - It's God of War for sure. It looks a ton better, but plays the same. If you enjoy God of War, you will love this game. Go buy a PS3. If you hate God of War, there's nothing new here for you except quick time events are a bit easier.

Halo 3 ODST - It's Halo 3 but without armor or regenerating health. I'm not sure I see a reason it's interesting, though it still has a very Halo feel. I only got to play their version of Hoard Mode (if you ever played Gears of War 2) so maybe there's more stuff.

Borderlands - Looks great. I am going to actually play it today, but what I have seen looks very cool.

That was lame, but there's more to come probably!
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#1 - elizabeth Reply
you spelled Borderlands wrong.

Sep. 7, 2009 (9:18pm EST)