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'Splosion Addendum

Just a few days ago I was singing the praises of 'Splosion Man, but you should know I had only been playing the game for about a day when I wrote that. I still agree with everything I wrote in spirit, but 'Splosion Man himself has decided to 'splode all over my face and become a hard game. It's not quite at Mega Man levels (at least not as of yet) but it's inducing more rage than I care for. Still, though, enjoyable when you finally get past one of those parts.

Also worth noting, the camera distance can be downright massive in this game. I have a 26" LCD TV, which used to be plenty, but at times 'Splosion Man will be under an inch tall on my screen. Sitting more than a couple feet away makes it difficult to tell where he is or what's happening at times. It's not a deal breaker, but certainly a point of extra frustration. Anyway, 'splode you later.
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