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E3 Wrapup

I didn't update yesterday because nothing really happened at E3 (nothing I really noticed anyway) so now I'm mostly just poking around and seeing the stuff I missed.

One intriguing thing I found was a little DS game called Scribblenauts which is an amazing looking game that almost looks too good to be true. That trailer will explain it better than I could (especially the last few minutes where they show off sandbox mode) but essentially you type in the name of an item and it's given to you and used to solve puzzles or beat levels. It's really intuitive and inventive and if it works as advertised (and why wouldn't it, that was a live game demo) it could be pretty entertaining.

This interview on IGN with Shigeru Miyamoto also sheds a small amount of light on the next Zelda game for the Wii which hasn't been formerly announced but is clearly in the works. Miyamoto notes that the concept art of Link shows him much older than he's ever appeared in a game before and without a sword. What that means Miyamoto obviously won't say just yet, but apparently it's of at least some significance. The interview also touches briefly on Pikmin 3, which appears to still be early in production.

Update: Nintendo has released the image of Link. He's not as old as I was expecting, but certainly at least as old as he was in Twilight Princess. And of course the missing sword is evident.

Alan Wake, a game most people never thought they'd see, also has some intriguing gameplay. I'm not entirely sure what to think of it just yet, but that gameplay footage was enough to stick with me. Horror games generally tread a thin line between terrible and good, and Alan Wake looks like it might actually come out on the good side. The jury is still out of course, but as of right now it looks pretty spooky and has a pretty interesting light/dark thing going on. I could probably do without the voiceovers by Wake though. They're not quite noir enough so they mostly come across as hokey instead of awesome ala Max Payne. Also the awkward shots of the guy playing the game in this footage are weird, but just ignore that I guess.

I also want to talk about Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's motion tracking thing, but I will probably make a longer update about that and I need to collect my thoughts a bit. At any rate, that's more or less all my random and mostly unedited E3 thoughts, so everyone who reads this (all four people maybe?) is now safe!
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