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E3 Day 2 Impressions

With the first party press conferences all wrapped up I think most of the big announcements and 'hey, remember us?'s should be out of the way at this point. A lot of anticipated games seem like they are not going to be with us until 2010, but that's cool I guess. More time to save money or something. The big press event today was Konami, who showed off their new set of MGS games which had already been shown at Sony and Microsoft's events. Peace Walker for PSP, Metal Gear Rising for 360/PS3/PC, which is I believe the first simultaneous multi-platform Metal Gear game (though I think the first game or two had a PC release). I'm kind of interested in Peace Walker, just because I like to actually use my PSP once in a while. Not a requirement, but I've only played like three games on it.

Konami's biggest announcement was a new Castlevania game, Lord of Shadows. First time a Castlevania has been on a non-portable in a decent while. Kojima doesn't seem to be as involved with it as Konami wants people to think as they attempted to play up his involvement with the project quite a bit, perhaps to soften the fact that the studio making it also produced Clive Barker's Jericho (sorry for linking to metacritic, but it does prove the point I wanted to make).

Another game that's actually sort of come onto my radar in the past couple of days is The Beatles: Rock Band of which I basically said I was sick of plastic guitar rhythm games. However, the opening cinematic is extremely cool (done by the same guy who animates everything for Gorillaz, as well as opening titles in various movies) and the gameplay trailer paints an interesting picture of the band's extremely varied career and all its famous stages. Also it's done by Harmonix, who are generally the best at this stuff, so it will probably end up being pretty cool, even if you're not a huge Beatles fan.

The new Aliens vs. Predator trailer (for a game, not a movie) is also pretty exciting. I'm actually surprised there weren't more games after the two (terrible) movies were released, but perhaps that's a good thing since this game won't have to be shoveled out to coincide with a movie release. At the very least it looks nice. Hopefully they take a page from the first two AvP games.

Finally, I keep harping on it, but Left 4 Dead 2 continues to polarize nerds across the world. I've decided that it's going to be awesome and I'll pay $50 for it and love it, though sadly most people seem to feel Valve will drop all support for L4D after its release and that they are owed more content. Gamasutra and Shacknews have interviews with Tom Leonard (L4D lead) and Doug Lombardi (Valve's marketing VP) respectively that seem to state at least somewhat otherwise. A big influx of potential L4D addon content is probably not coming, but there seem to be at least some plans in the work for supporting or integrating L4D and L4D2. Valve won't say what just yet of course, but with the game already looming five months away, I suspect we'll learn more fairly soon.

And as if that wasn't enough, Peter Molyneux is now creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe. Yep.
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Thanks for writing all of this up!

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