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E3 Day 1 Impressions, Sony Town

Since I missed the Sony press conference I guess I'll watch it now and tell you what I think. Weird! It's like a delayed live feed or something. It's here on Game Spot if you want to check it out. The intro is ridiculously long. Was this actually in the thing or was it added after? I see a pink PSP, did that exist before this? Whatever! This crap is two hours long, I am probably not going to watch it all. Skip to 12:00 for Uncharted 2 footage.

Uncharted 2 - I never knew much about the first one, not having a PS3, bit this one looks pretty damned awesome, though the terrible resolution of this video kind of ruins it. Either way, action-platformer sounds pretty awesome. Like Tomb Raider but without boobies! Well, like the non-crappy Tomb Raiders. If I had a PS3 I'd probably buy this.

MAG - The concept of 256 players on a battlefield sounds cool. It looks pretty overwhelming but is certainly a cool concept. Battlefield 1942 comes to mind, and that generally had around 50 players to get a suitably epic feel. The concept of having a ton of players seems to be the game's main draw, however, and it doesn't look to do anything overly interesting beyond that. Also I question how well the game will work if it potentially requires that many players, since people on the internet are unreliable jerks. We'll see I guess.

PSP Go - Not a game of course, but a digital media only PSP. It looks pretty cool, with a crazy slide out controller. I applaud Sony for building a gaming machine without any tangible media, since it would essentially be ignoring retail which is a huge thing to do. The PSP 3000 of course still exists and won't go away, so I suppose this is looked at as another option. Who knows how well it will do, but the smart move to put a way to access PSN from a PC was the obvious move to not have it fail. I'm rooting for it, though I'm not sure I'll be buying one (I already have an original PSP).

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - PSP Metal Gear I guess. The trailer didn't offer up too much, but it looks like it could be cool. Konami is certainly whoring the shit out of Metal Gear after years of Playstation exclusives though. One game every two or three years for a long time and now like three simultaneously on different platforms. Crazy. Assassin's Creed 2 - I don't think this is a PS3 exclusive, but they did present at the Sony conference. Looks cool but I didn't enjoy the first one as much as I hoped (which I had a feeling would happen). Looks cool, so who knows?

FFXIII - Yup, still don't care.

Playstation Motion Controller - Oh god, everyone trying to eat a piece of Nintendo's pie now. Microsoft already introduced their motion thingy, now Sony. The tech demo is quite amusing however. It's around 80:00 into the video if you want to check it out. Seems sort of like the same precision applications Wii Motion Plus could be used for and less gimmicky bullshit than what Microsoft came up with.

Little Big Planet PSP - I will buy it.

ModNation Racers - I'm not sure what to think of this... sort of like a Little Big Planet racing game? Looks pretty, who knows what the racing feels like though. The customization I guess is a major feature. It's not going to make be rush out and buy a PS3. Okay, they just got to the track editing/creation feature and it seems to be pretty robust while also being simple to use. That makes me a bit more interested. Good show.

The Last Guardian - Formerly Project Trico, or rather the code name. The next game in the Ico series. Um, awesome? The trailer looks mostly like the one that surfaced on the internet a few weeks ago, which is good. I'm looking forward to this quite a bit. If anything convinces me to buy a PS3 it's likely to be this game. I'm really curious as to what the gameplay will involve. The trailer actually shows some stuff at the end that wasn't in the other one that seems very Shadow of the Colossus- like. Hot!

Gran Turismo 5 - Not a big racing sim (is GT a sim?) fan, but this game sure is pretty.

God of War 3 - This is really the main reason I watched this damned conference, so of course they ended with it. I'm skeptical once again since the lead designer of God of War 2 is no longer with the team. However the same was true for the second game and that worked out fine. Regardless, this looks like more of the same, but prettier, which is pretty much what I could hope for. March 2010! I will say I really like the idea of putting a quick-time event button on the corresponding side of the screen. I'm kind of terrible at remembering which button is where so that will be a big help for me.

Anyway that's it for Sony I guess. Good job maybe I'll buy your console some day now!
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