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E3 Day 0 Impressions, Part 2

Since more stuff popped up, why the hell not?

Left 4 Dead 2 (Update) - Rock Paper Shotgun has a preview up and it sheds some light on the fairly surprising game. Namely that it seems to be L4D but better, but a good amount. Bigger maps, more interesting (and larger) environments, a better AI director, more types of common and special infected and some kind of crazy backstory for each character.

I almost get the feeling that Valve wanted to put all this stuff into L4D but it was just out of the project's scope. Wedging backstories and everything else into the existing game might have just been too difficult. I'm potentially making excuses now, but I think the game will have enough content to warrant being a second game. I can't even really pinpoint what makes L4D2 seem so offensive. Perhaps it's Valve's tendency to release free content-heavy updates for many of their products months or even years after their release. All this content seems like it should have been an update for the full game? Is that really what it is? Are we somehow self- entitled to all this glorious free content? Why don't we complain about yearly Call of Duty games in the same way? Because Activision never did what Valve did? If it had been called an expansion pack would that make it better?

I don't have an answer to any of these questions, by the way, just something to puzzle over.

Singularity - In the works by Raven Software, this game has piqued my interest just due to the time/physics control gimmick. Obviously a game with a feature so central as Singularity's manipulation of time space needs to be careful not to become tired and gimmicky (as Prey can attest) or overstay its welcome. Raven has a tendency to make technically and artistically sound games that somehow lack a soul, however, which could be a problem. I'm very curious, but I feel like it could go either way.

Red Steel 2 - Didn't play the first one in spite of it being the "number one 3rd party Wii launch title" (with it's major competition being Monkey Ball and Excite Truck) though reviews pointed to it being overwhelmingly mediocre. I'm not excited about the second one, and the trailer wasn't very impressive. I'll remain that way until someone tells me otherwise.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - I never really got into the Splinter Cell series (though I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it) but this game doesn't really look like Splinter Cell. Aren't those stealth games? I mean, using a silenced pistol is stealth and all, but falling into a room via an air duct and killing four dudes doesn't seem very subtle. Sam Fisher is an angry old man now I guess.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Fuck yes! I already knew about this game of course, but seeing the trailer is also good. Gameplay looks like more of the same, which is certainly a good thing. Very much looking forward to it. The brief glimpses of boss fights in the trailer make it look like they are at least attempting to make up new, crazy boss fights as well. Game of show!

I think that's it for today.
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