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E3 Day 0 Impressions

With working on launching a crazy E3 announcement myself (though that was to do with the web site and not the game itself; that part I leave to the professionals) coupled with an unfortunately timed Paypal incident that broke a number of orders, I didn't actually get to witness what E3, day 1, had to offer until 4:30pm Pacific time. Since I finally have a short break to collect my thoughts and watch a few videos, I thought I'd randomly share what I have to say about these announcements. This is quite a lot to take in. I'll go in order.

Borderlands - First time I've seen this game in motion. I wasn't sure what I thought about the new renderer, but in stills it looked pretty nice. In motion it's somewhat less impressive. It almost seems like a game that was built to look like a standard shooter but had the renderer changed for no real specific reason. Could be fun though, we'll see. Hopefully E3 has some more footage for us. Guitar Hero 5 - Initially I was a big fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but my anticipation for these titles has dwindled pretty significantly over the last year or two. Guitar Hero has too many releases, and Rock Band not enough. Also the bands in GH5 are pretty much the same fare. I can't say I'm excited.

Crysis 2 - I still need to play the first one, but hopefully it will be cool. Crytek at least excels at engines that push the limits of what seems feasible, and one that will need to scale down to run on a PS3 or 360 should be interesting.

Just Cause 2 - I never played the first one, but the trailer makes this game look unbelievably ridiculous. Do you spend the entire game doing that insane grapple thing and also parachuting around? How many parachutes does that guy have? Whatever!

Arkham Asylum - Whenever I see gameplay for this game I am pretty sure it's going to be awesome, but then they also release ridiculous fucking concept art and character models and I'm again skeptical. There's never been a good Batman game, so maybe this will be the first. At least they got Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil to do voices, even if they do sound like they phoned it in a bit. The most recent trailer with playable Joker footage is interesting. I remain skeptical but cautiously optimistic.

Brutal Legend - I'm pretty excited for this. I hope it's good!

Lego Harry Potter - Whatever. Lego Indiana Jones was okay but kind of boring. I'd expect more of the same from this. Good family fun games though.

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - I'm ashamed to say I never finished the original, but I'm excited for the release of this nonetheless. I'm not overly enthused by how it looks, but I'll see how it pans out.

Tales of Monkey Island - Am I allowed to comment on this? I have nothing to do with the actual game, though I have played a little of the first episode and I like it a lot! It's certainly Monkey Island, if that's the major worry.

The Beatles: Rock Band - I guess what I said about Guitar Hero 5 applies to this game as well.

Modern Warfare 2 - Is this Call of Duty 6? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was really called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You can't make a sequel to a sequel and not incriment! Actually I guess you can. I never played the first (fourth) one, but I hear it's keen, so I'd like to some day. Maybe this one will be cool too.

Final Fantasy 13 - Pfeh.

Shadow Complex - A new franchise by Epic, and DLC only 360 exclusive at that. I'm intrigued, but Gears of War never really did much for me, and I haven't cared about Unreal in a while either. What's the over/under on it containing burly space marines with gruff voices?

Crackdown 2 - It's not being made by the same studio, but Ruffian Games does have a lot of former Realtime Worlds guys in it, so that's awesome. Crackdown was one of my favorite games when it came out, and I'm hoping they can refine it a bit but keep it as fun as the original.

Left 4 Dead 2 - I have to say this announcement probably surprised me the most of everything today. If anything I expected some Episode 3 news from Valve. Nothing is really known about it except that it promises to be like L4D but with more stuff. I can't say I'm against that, though releasing an entirely new game a year after the first one which was almost famously content-light is an interesting prospect. The trailer makes it look like there will be added focus on melee weapons and more daytime settings. So if L4D is Valve's Night of the Living Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 might be their Dawn of the Dead. I remain skeptical, as always, though I don't doubt it will be fun and enjoyable because I'd pretty much buy poop in a box if Valve wanted me to.

Forza 3 - Yeah I don't care. I tried to like Forza 2, I really did, but I just don't enjoy racing sims.

Metal Gear Solid Rising - Could be cool I guess. I still need to play an MGS game. I will refrain from saying more due to my inexperience in this area!

Halo: Reach - I have no idea what this is! The trailer looks kind of cool though.

APB - MMO being made by Realtime Worlds. I never play MMOs so I don't care too much.

Mass Effect 2 - Mass Effect is also a game I wanted to like but just couldn't get into. Maybe I'll give it a fair shake some day. Probably not though.

LEGO Rock Band - Oh christ, a license to print money.

Dante's Inferno - This game seemed ridiculous before I even saw a screenshot or bit of concept art, and the trailer makes it look ridiculous. Like a Christian version of God of War but with worse art direction and as generic a story as possible. Also I hear there are boobs.

Halo: ODST - I'm interested in this, though the newest trailer makes it look a bit more generic than I was hoping. Still, I enjoyed Halo 3's gameplay (when it was good, at least) so this could be cool too.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more exciting E3 bullshit when E3 actually starts!
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