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Amber Alert: Items 72 and 63

So after, what, over two hours of sifting through Google, finding old updates and putting them back in manually and then adjusting their date and id number I have pretty much restored my blog. You know, in case you were worried. The only discrepancies are items 72 and 63, which still remain at large and perhaps do not even exist.

The way this blog works is if you delete an update it doesn't reindex anything so the deleted id is essentially lost forever unless you manually assign it yourself. So it's conceivable they were deleted for whatever reason. With #72 this is very likely since updates 71 and 73 were made 24 hours apart. 63 is a little more of a mystery since there is a six day gap between 62 and 64, however update 64 pertains to the death of my grandfather so it's pretty plausible I had something written and posted and then deleted it. Who knows though?

At any rate I'm pretty happy that I managed to recover everything (or as close as possible anyway) and I am now going to get a database dump so I don't have to do this god damned crap ever again (or at least not for nearly 50 updates).

And thusly the saga ends.
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#1 - mewse Reply
you're an idiot. merry christmas, bro.

Dec. 22, 2007 (10:51pm EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
I know :(

Dec. 25, 2007 (8:45pm EST)