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You're Such a Dick

Oh crazy liberal media, what won't you do? Okay, so I'm not a big proponent of the 'liberal media', mainly because most complaints about the media being liberal come from people who watch Fox News all the time. Fair and Balanced! However, this Reuters photo is cropped in just the right way that I cannot possibly think it wasn't intentional. I mean, leaving a little headroom over Cheney's head, okay fine. But it's so perfectly cropped. I refuse to believe this was a coincidence.

I don't know what Reuters' normal political affiliation is, but maybe this isn't a case of "omg Bush and Cheney suck!" Maybe they are genuinely concerned for Mr. Headshot Cheney's health. After all the man has a heart attack every week and he's got like six surgeons following him around ready to perform a triple bypass or angioplasty at a moment's notice. Maybe they just don't want him to have any more undue stress.

Of course if Cheney retires then George Bush will really be running the country, and I don't know if that's such a wise decision. He's good at clearing brush and making up new words, but I don't think he'd make a very good president. I mean he ran an oil rig into the ground. An oil rig. Those things hemorrhage money, and he managed to put one out of business. And then he traded Sammy Sosa to the Cubs when he was in charge of the Texas Rangers. Although in his defense he was probably drunk at the time. That's life though, I guess.

Anyway, I salute Reuters and Mr. Cheney too, and not just because he's the first sitting vice president to shoot another man since Aaron Burr. No, I salute him because he has a gigantic wang.
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The Cubs links leads to the Texas Rangers site, you twat.

Mar. 11, 2006 (5:57am EST)

#2 - Mike Reply
look how stupid you look now, buddy!

Mar. 11, 2006 (7:28am EST)

silly cyb, everyone knows karl rove actually runs the country

Mar. 11, 2006 (3:54pm EST)

Wait, it the pot calling the kettle a jigaboo?

Mar. 12, 2006 (8:42am EST)

Both pictures are hilarious.

Mar. 15, 2006 (5:54pm EST)