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What's This Blog Thing?

The first update of any blog is an important one because you have to establish what the blog is about. Actually, fuck that. I hate the word 'blog'. I had one of these web pages back in 1998. It was a blog. I updated it with meaningless shit, just like I am now in 2006. The only difference is now I have a bunch of fancy scripts to put it into a database for me instead of having to hand edit (and hand archive, which was always a pleasure) a html document and fill in the time and date and all that stuff.

We called them 'web pages' and they were ugly, but we liked them anyway. My first web page was on Geocities... I still remember the address: I had sections for video games, music, sports and hacking. Being a 'hacker' in 1998 was fun, because you didn't have to do any hacking. If you were smart enough to figure out how to guess someone's password then you were a hacker. If you knew html you were a hacker. Only to people who didn't know shit though. To actual hackers, I was a retarded kid.

Continuing with the brief and retarded Internet portion of my life, my next web page was hosted by the now defunct (bought by MSNBC ages ago). Xoom was great because they offered 10mb of webspace and Geocities only offered 2mb. So I had that page... the only thing I remember was that it had frames, it was black and it had some gifs I made of those green torches from Doom. I screwed up the gif though, so the torches appeared to bounce up and down a pixel or two every third or fourth frame.

After that an eFriend got a cable modem and decided to start hosting people. He bought a domain name and times were awesome. Unlimited space and a cool domain name: Times were fun for a while, but died for whatever reason, and I moved to Same system, different domain.

After that (this is around 2002 now) I started using my own cable modem for hosting my web page, and eventually alkali, too, went the way of Xoom and

My modem, while certainly speedy as far as cable modems go, is not really great for these things, and the computer hosting everything is on the shitty side (400mhz Celeron with 128mb of RAM). I'd imagine if I ever got more traffic than I do now it would melt, and that would suck.

So now, here I am, hosted by, through the graciousness of another with the best name in the universe: Mike. Mike, or Manc as we affectionately call him on the Internets, has been kind enough to host all my current internet endeavors, and I really can't express my appreciation and gratitude for what he does. Well I guess I just did express it, so I was wrong.

Anyway, before I went on that wonderful and probably uninteresting tangent, I was about to complain about the word 'blog', but I suppose that, while writing this update, I've come to begrudgingly accept it. It's obviously here to stay (until someone thinks up a new, stupider buzzword.... 'podcasting' comes close, but I don't think it's catching on), so I may as well tolerate it. Plus it's a lot easier to say than 'web page' or 'e/n page' which were what these sorts of pages were previously called.

So that's that. First update is out of the way, and it's entirely too fucking long. I tend to do that. Future ones will hopefully be better and also less boring. But I can't make any promises.
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#1 - Manc Reply
Hooray for self-rolled blogosphere softomatrixware!

Jan. 30, 2006 (1:15am EST)

#2 - Afterglow Reply
Welcome to the BLOGOSPHERE, Michael Cyberdemon !!

Jan. 30, 2006 (1:16am EST)

#3 - Bloodshedder Reply
Yay, it doesn't look ugly!

Jan. 30, 2006 (1:38am EST)

#4 - Mike Reply

Jan. 30, 2006 (1:51am EST)

Ah, the days of the Geocities Doom Homepages. And Xoom... and Frad and... oh the memories.

Feb. 3, 2006 (12:30am EST)