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the moocher's protnecin paper could have been do by any 9th grader and bongo's writing is even worse.bongo never heard of subject,verb, predicate his writing is unreadable.neither bongo or the moocher have law licenses which is no great loss because they never praticed law because they were to stupid.the only thing they know is how to be lying commiesl.yes like you fn they are commie traitors which he learned from his mudshark mother and her war hero father.oh wait a minute he spent the war in leavenworth then got a dishonerable discharge.they should have shot the bastard.bongo did not teach law because he did not know any,what he taught was alinsky.we will kick this criminal out of office and into an orange jump suit for the death of officer terry and i hope we get holder,hillbillery,panetta pluss all the commie czar traitors.

Dec. 25, 2015 (11:34am EST)