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Gawker is sending spies into work at FOX? The iinnasty of the Left knows no bounds. They cannot tolerate the one news outlet that doesn't parrot the approved themes of Left. Even the neutered conservatism of FOX is too much to bear.The Left is the dominant force in our culture. It controls the news media, the entertainment media, the universities and other culturally sensitive institutions.The way this works is that the Left determines who represents the sock puppet Right by hand picking its conservative opposition and by excommunicating anyone from respectability that violates its norms.Professional conservatism is on the same level as professional wrestling. In order to be a mainstream conservative, you are required by definition to renounce conservatism and embrace liberalism, and respect the prevailing system of taboos that has been established by the Left.That's why there seems to be a double standard when it comes to race.It is not really a double standard because there is no equality in the power relationship. The Left is dominant. The sockpuppet Right is submissive. Its owes its very existence to recognition of its legitimacy by the Mainstream Media.Moron Leftists want to strangle their own sockpuppet. It's too funny.

Oct. 20, 2014 (12:30pm EST)